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Conference Session Titles

Writing for Reflection: Artifacts in the Social Studies Classroom

Kashra Shelton, UMD Writing Project, Prince George’s County Schools

Analyzing Student Book Discussions for Evidence of CC Standards

April Winterson, Salisbury University, Worchester County Public Schools

C3: Taking Students from Knowing to Owning

Lisa Walker, Calvert County Public Schools


Understanding Fiscal Responsibility: using inquiry to explore current U.S. policy-making

Karen Kokernak, Maryland Council on Economic Education


Integrating Primary Sources while Teaching Historical Fiction

Jermaine A. Ellerbe, Ph.D., The SEED School of Maryland


PARCC and Write: Writing without tears in the content area

Jack Tuttle, Vera Young, Diane Jenkins & John Tompkins, Charles County Public Schools

Integrated Literacy through Historical Inquiry: Using the Historical Investigations Portal

Jen Frieman, Maryland Historical Society


Creating Explorers: History through Art

Howard Galowitz, Baltimore County Public Schools


Journaling with Documents

Hayward Johnson, Baltimore County Public Schools

History, Literature, and Technology: A Recipe for Secondary PBL

Andie Davis, Laurel School District & Gary Zoll, Seaford School District


Voices of Baltimore: Portraiture of Living through the Era of Legal Segregation

Dr. Gary A. Homana, Dr. Morna McDermott, Dr. Franklin CampbellJones, Towson University, College of Education


Assessing Claim and Evidence through Informal Writing

Mark Stout, Howard County Public Schools


Time Traveling Kids: Bringing History Alive through Story Telling

Julie Hall, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

Fun with Folktales: Cultural Conversations & Connections with German Children’s Literature

Jermaine A. Ellerbe, Ph.D., The SEED School of Maryland


American Government Bridge Project Round-table Discussion

It’s Elementary: Teaching Economics, Financial Literacy & ELA Using Inquiry

Karen Kokernak, Maryland Council on Economic Education


Promoting Literacy & Engagement through Street Law’s Mock Trials & Moot Courts

Tim Rodman, Montgomery County Public Schools

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