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MDCSS 2021 SPRING Conference

and Teacher of the Year Awards

April 21, 2021

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Teacher of the Year Awards

All nominations due by April 1.  Click here for nomination form.  

  • Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year

  • Secondary Social Studies Teacher of the Year 

  • Promising New Social Studies Teacher of the Year

  • Social Studies Instructional Leader of the Year

  • Outstanding Professional at a Social Studies-related Organization 

2021 Spring Conference

Overarching Compelling Question for the Conference:  How have institutions responded to racism over time?

Supporting Workshop Questions:

  • What are the historical roots of institutional racism in Maryland?

  • How did America’s founding documents and political institutions influence the freedom sand opportunities of Black Americans?

  • How did Black American communities advance their interests through the creation of educational institutions such as HBCUs?


The Maryland Council for Social Studies (MDCSS) is dedicated to the promotion and support of social studies education in Maryland and the United States. MDCSS works to build a community of social studies educators in the state of Maryland, and through this network advance cultural understanding, respect for human differences, and an appreciation of diversity. MDCSS provides high quality professional development and instructional resources for Maryland social studies teachers and works to recognize excellence in social studies instruction at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

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