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Featured Keynote Speaker:

Drew Shuptar-Rayvis

Pekatawas MakataWai'U "Black Corn"

Drew Shuptar-Rayvis (Pekatawas MakataWai’U “Black Corn”) holds a cum laude Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology from Western Connecticut State University and a Certificate Degree in Archaeology from Norwalk Community College.

A true American of the mid-Atlantic region, his family includes indigenous Pocomoke heritage, Pennsylvania Dutch, Welsh, Swiss, English, Scots Irish, Boyko Ukrainian and Ashkenazi / Sephardic Jewish, he honors all of his ancestors as a practicing living historian and regularly participates in colonial era reenactments, interpretations and public educational events. He works diligently in the research and preservation of the Eastern Woodland languages, particularly Renape, Nanticoke and Southern Unami Dialects. He is also educated in the many European languages at use in the Colonial Period. He was the first garden manager of Western Connecticut State University’s Permaculture Garden, and practices Native horticulture.

In July 2021, Drew was elected by his Paramount Chief Norris Howard Senior and council member Norris Howard Junior as Cultural Ambassador of the Pocomoke Indian Nation of Maryland. Drew currently works as an Algonkian historical consultant with NAHC (New Amsterdam History Center) and for the Maryland State Archives as a contractual research and preservation specialist, working with tribal oral histories and lifeways. Lastly, he has been featured in various historical films and has modeled for historical artists Don Troiani, Michael Keropian, and David Hasseler.


Call for Proposals

Interested sharing your voice at the 2024 MDCSS Spring Conference - Many Voices, One Maryland?

If you have a specialty that you would like to share, please fill out the proposal form can be found here.  We would love to have your experience and knowledge to share with the educators of Maryland!


Vendor Registration

Interested representing your organization and connecting with Maryland Social Studies Educators at the 2024 MDCSS Spring Conference -

Many Voices, One Maryland 

We would love for you and your organization to join our roster of exhibitors in our vender space!  


For just $150 per table, you will be able to access teachers and supervisors from across the state.

In return for your support, MDCSS will:


  • List all exhibitors in alphabetical order in the conference program

  • Advertise all exhibitors in alphabetical order on the Council’s website

  • Provide a dedicated exhibitor / vendor session during the conference

  • Encourage visitation of exhibitors via a vendor/ exhibitor passport

  • Provide a letter of receipt to the exhibitor and answer all queries regarding the conference promptly

  • Provide the requested number of display tables and chairs.


If you are interested in a deluxe sponsoring opportunity during the breakfast, keynote, lunch, or happy hour - please contact who will be happy to work with you.

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